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Nanjing Jifeng Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. is located in the national Spark Program Industrial Park (Lishui Industrial Park, Nanjing), Nanjing Jifeng cutting tools - professional manufacturing tools (round blades) using a full set of automatic grinding equipment: automatic stamping - flowing water heat treatment furnace - automatic knife grinding line, fast production, sharp and durable blades, excellent quality!
  Since its establishment, the company has continuously introduced advanced production technology and developed and produced industrial cutting tool products based on blade / mold. The materials of knife are divided into: high speed steel material, tungsten steel material, carbon steel material, tool steel material, tool steel material, alloy steel material, stainless steel material, bearing steel material, edge steel material, alloy material, cemented carbide material, diamond material, etc LD, SKD11, w18 material, w18cr4v2, Cr12MoV, T10, 9CrSi steel, 65Mn, SK4, M2, D2, SKH, H13 materials, 6CrW2Si and various imported materials. The shape of the cutter is divided into round, long, arc, tooth, trapezoid, wave shaped, boot shaped, tooth shaped, disc shaped, special-shaped and ultra-thin, etc. the products can be used by the factory or exported as supporting products, and can be processed and customized with drawings and samples.
  Nanjing Jifeng Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. has a certain strength in production technology. It adheres to the concept of continuous research and development and continuous improvement to carry out sustainable operation. It solves the related problems of cutting tools with honest and steady attitude, and wins the recognition of new and old customers with reliable product quality and reasonable price. Jifeng tool implements quality management, strictly selects excellent materials for production and inspection Duan complete, sophisticated processing equipment, welcome the majority of new and old customers to negotiate business.
  Welcome customers from all walks of life to call and write to discuss business, I believe you will be happy and come back satisfied. There are many kinds of products. Please contact us for details!

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