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Let's see what problems exist in the use of cutting tools

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1. Cutting parameters can not be greatly optimized. The operator can not make reasonable choice of cutting parameters for different materials. The main reason is that the operators are mainly students in school, and the production experience is relatively insufficient. In the selection of cutting parameters, the cutting parameters are not optimized by experience, resulting in relatively low cutting efficiency. Different materials and different types of tools, the selection of variables in the cutting process is not reasonable.
2. Excessive tool consumption. The choice of tool brand is not fixed in the practice factory, the brand is often changed, and the tool consumption is too large, which increases the investment of cutting tool cost. For heat-treated workpieces of different materials, the cutting performance of cutting tools can not be fully developed, and the tool consumption is serious.
3. The processing effect is not ideal. In the actual operation process, roughing and finishing turning is often completed by a tool. When the machining accuracy is too high, it is difficult to meet the processing requirements. The quality of the end face is not ideal in the process of parts processing. We hope to have a good solution or a good choice of tool materials.
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