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Take you to analyze the cutter blade deviation

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Slitting machine blade is an important processing link in the production of paperboard and carton. Therefore, if the cutter blade deviation occurs, it will directly affect the quality of cardboard and carton products, and even the products produced are waste products. Therefore, we should according to the common deviation analysis of corrugated cardboard slitting machine blade to reduce the waste products in the production of cardboard boxes.
Slitting machine blade slitting cardboard tail deflection:
1. Improper adjustment of paper feeding positioning baffle of slitter blade;
2. The slitting blade is too blunt in one section, which is different from the linear speed of other cutters;
3. The paper guide wheel of slitter blade is not adjusted properly;
4. Improper paper feeding of slitter blade.
Burr generated by slitter blade:
1. Cutter blade is blunt and should be polished;
2. The overlap of cutter blade and slot is too shallow;
3. The slitter blade slot is involved in paper edge and paper wool, which should be cleaned before starting up;
4. The slot clearance of slitting machine blade is too large, generally it is better to be no more than 2.5mm.
The indentation line of slitter blade is easy to crack
1. Poor base paper;
2. The pressure line is too deep.
The indentation line of slitter blade is not straight:
1. Slitting machine blade pressure line is too shallow, broken line uneven, affecting the beauty of the box;
2. The paper feeding deviation of slitter blade;
3. The upper and lower wire pressing wheels of slitter blade are not adjusted.
Cutting edge of cutter blade is not vertical:
1. The angle of cutter blade holder is not correct;
2. The cutter blade is not in the center of the slot;
3. The cutting edge of the slitting machine blade is eccentric.
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