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How to choose the right cutter blade?

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Slitter blade is an important part of slitter equipment. It is mainly to cut the large coil into different specifications according to the process requirements. If the blade of slitting machine is not properly selected or not selected according to the mechanical configuration, it will not meet the requirements of the slitting target products, and the materials for slitting will produce burrs and a large number of slitting powder chips. It will not only reduce the accuracy and speed of cutting, but also consume raw materials. It is also easy to shorten the service life of the slitting blade and increase the production cost.
1. There are mainly two ways of cutting round cutter, i.e. upper and lower disc cutter cutting and round knife extrusion slitting. Circular knife cutting is the main method of cutting thick film, composite thick film, paper and other materials. The thickness of film material is more than 100um. It is recommended to use round cutter for slitting.
2. The upper and lower disc slitting blades are widely used, mainly including tangent slitting and non tangent slitting. Tangent slitting means that the material is cut from the tangent direction of the upper and lower disc cutters, which is more convenient. The upper disc cutter and the lower disc cutter can easily connect and adjust the position according to the requirements of slitting width. Its disadvantage is that the material is easy to drift at the slitting point, so the accuracy is not high, and it is generally not used now. Non tangent slitting means that the material has a certain angle with the lower disc cutter, and the lower disc cutter falls down to cut the material. This kind of slitting method can make the material not easy to drift and has high cutting accuracy. However, it is not very convenient to adjust the cutter. When installing the lower disc cutter, the whole shaft must be removed. It is suitable for cutting thick composite film and paper.
3. It is mainly composed of pneumatic slitting tool which is synchronized with material speed and has a certain angle with material, bottom roller and easy adjustment. This kind of slitting method can not only cut thin plastic film, but also thick paper and non-woven fabric. It is a kind of convenient slitting method and a developing direction of slitting machine.
4. In choosing the blade of slitting machine, some users always pursue the imported blade one sidedly and objectively, but ignore the blade that should be matched with their own model. In the absence of a clear distinction between the application of the blade and its own use, it is considered that only imported blades are good and durable blades. In fact, it is not. Whether it is imported or domestic, it is the appropriate blade only if it is conducive to product application.
5. The advantages and disadvantages of the slitter blade are relative, and the key to the cutting effect of the blade lies in the application. For example, if the imported blade is not used properly, it will not have good results, while if the domestic blade is applied properly, it will also have good effect.

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