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Material requirements of plate shearer blade

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Cutting machine blade has been widely used by many factories and people, so, what is the specific function of plate shear blade? What's the use of it? What are the characteristics? Let's talk about it.
The materials cut by the plate shears are very different, and the temperature of the materials is also different.
Hot rolled plate this kind of high temperature hot rolling plate, if necessary, the shearing time of plate shearer,
It is the time to really test the red hardness and wear resistance of the cutting blade.
The performance of small hydraulic swing shear, the temperature and thickness of high temperature hot plate are a kind of inspection to the blade of plate shear.
Here, the temperature refers to the specific temperature of the material sheared by the hydraulic pendulum shear,
The temperature tolerance limits of different materials of plate shears are different, although many materials have strong high temperature resistance
However, the scope of its suffering is very limited. If the processing material temperature is higher than the limit of the shear blade,
The blade will be damaged.
The thickness of the processed plate is also very provocative to the blade of the cutting machine,
Moreover, the hardness requirements of the blade are also different.
If the hardness of the blade is too high, the blade is easy to break when cutting high temperature thick plate.
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